Dr. Philippa Nunes

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Registered Acupuncturist

 Philippa graduated as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in July 2010 from the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is now  practising at the Apple Blossom Wellness Center.  

She found her way to Chinese Medicine via a circuitous route, first earning her Aerospace Engineering Degree from University of Toronto in 1992, and then working in the telecommunications industry for several years before coming to the realization that her heart lay in a different direction. 

Her interest and passion for the disciplines of the East began with her training in kung-fu around this time. This eventually evolved into a  desire to learn and practice the healing art of the Chinese culture as well: their system of medicine.

Philippa blends her analytical and problem solving skills together with the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to sincerely help others achieve a healthier, happier and more joyful life. She has found both acupuncture and diet very effective in treating a wide scope of conditions and concerns:

· Musculoskeletal pain and injury

· Gynaecological issues and infertility 

· Gastrointestinal disorders

· Stress induced states such as insomnia, depression and anxiety

She is very grateful to all of her teachers and patients who have been part of her journey in learning and practising this extraordinary and time-honoured system of medicine.  

For additional information or  questions regarding any specific health concern, Philippa may be reached  by email at philippa.nunes@gmail.com.

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